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Teaching, Speaking, and Editing

Teaching and Speaking

I teach at Pacem School and Solstice, the low-residency MFA at Pine Manor College. I also can be found at Writers in Paradise every other January. Additionally, I teach at Champlain College.

I’ve spoken at a variety of conferences and schools over the years. I offer free 15 to 20-minute Skype visits. To arrange a visit, please contact me.

When I teach one of my favorite writing workshop sessions or session series, I give students exercises, and they write a number of short pieces (a fairy tale retelling/fracture, a misunderstood monster, an alien walks into a diner, etc). At the end of the session or series, students can choose to create their very own zine or journal.



I’m currently the fiction editor at YAReview.net, and I’m always happy to speak to groups about editing.

I have a number of openings each year for private editing projects.